USM Grand Final (friendlly competitions)

This is a friendlly competitions where only top players can participate

Participation conditions (Battle spot Doubles)


Power-up punch is OK.



at Double rate Final Rate Over2000



1st to 10th at Double rate of each season(season7~16)

1st to 5th at WCS rate (season7~11)

WCS2018 day1 rights holder

1st to 5th at Double rate(10/15 9:30)


Please send a pgl screen of the ROM to use with the evidence image




Application deadline 10/14

Friendlly competition time

UTC 10/19 12~16


When the counting is over, the tournament is held in the top 14 (1.2 seed)


Final tournament is bo3, no PT changes


broadcast is free


Tournament prize

Pokemon sword or shield



tail @Nanamium_Z

kuma @FC_ninetales

namako @namak_po